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Understanding Ferguson

on Friday, 31 October 2014. Posted in A Man's Response

Christopher Harrell (43) facilitates this very relevant and important discussion with Roland Garrison (57) an educator, Jarred Arms, (24) a CEO of a mobile technology company, Etoya Dickerson (43), an educator and part-time bartender and DeMarco Davidson (33) an engineering graduate who volunteers in various community organizations.

Following the civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, these very different men from different backgrounds, generations and occupations join together to discuss what is and could be a man’s response to these circumstances.

They analyze scenarios with relevance to different age genres (ages 16 to 19) who are probably most in tuned with recent events, (ages 19 – 32) who are probably just getting out of college and worried about how to make a living - concentrating on maybe starting a family, and (ages 32 on up) who are preparing for family and working life, right on up to retirement age.

Between them they break down the legacies passed down from generation to generation. They discuss age-old problems of racial tension that have allegedly lied dormant but are still as relevant today as they’ve always been, especially as it culminates into the current situation in Ferguson.

Not limited to current and serious events, we also see the conversation widen and encompass some much lighter discussion - family life, occupations and some quirky and enlightening anecdotes along the way.

Through the round table discussion we hear surprising facts and also timely reminders that the more things change, the more they stay the same despite the best will in the world and efforts that are made.

You will be left enlightened, enthralled and encouraged by this inviting episode of “A Mans Response”.

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