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About www.OneRareGem.com Online Broadcast Network “The Positive Network”


RareGem Productions - Proudly Presenting, Promoting and Producing Positive Programs


The OneRareGem Broadcast Network, an auxiliary of RareGem Productions is poised to be the foremost provider of exclusively POSITIVE entertainment, education, music, talk and public affairs programming. The primary OneRareGem networks, channels and original programming reach more than 90 countries (including the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and South Africa) with over 65,000 downloads.


The OneRareGem Broadcast Network is devoted to ideas, information, inspiration and impact. The networks operate using multiple formats: audio, video, film, print, live-stream and live events. OneRareGem is emerging as the leading internet destination for POSITIVE PROGRAMMING; an attractive alternative for forward-thinking individuals as well as progressive advertisers, content providers and entrepreneurs.


OneRareGem promotes and presents positive audio programs, video series, independent film and documentaries, art exhibitions, and literary presentations across 10 themed networks:


  • “3LJ - Living and Loving Life's Journey" Network (Lifestyle)
  • "RareGem Academy" (Education)
  • "Community Good" (Community Resources and Non-Profit Organizations)
  • "Innergagement" (Entertainment)
  • "RareGem Sports Network" (Sports)
  • "Business Mind & Money" Network (Business and Finance)
  • "Living Inspiring" Network (Inspiration)
  • "Seek Ye First" (Faith)
  • "ILL-Side" Infinite Lasting Legacies (Youth)
  • "Health Well" Network (health and wellness)


The 1RG Networks serve as portals for access, information and opportunity worldwide. In addition to the the OneRareGem Broadcast Network, several RareGem original programs can be seen and/or heard in local markets on radio, television, live stream and web blogs.


For our visitors, we create new options and experiences for positive engagment and particpation.


For our partners, we offer new audiences, new outlets and new ways for brands to connect with our highly engaged audience participating on demand.


Our Mission


At RareGem Productions, we are passionate about bringing encouragement and positivity to each and every person we encounter, knowing that in doing so we add impact lives and spark light into the world. We are committed to empowering professionals, strengthening our partnerships and engaging audiences across the globe.


Along with the OneRareGem Broadcast Network, RareGem Productions produces local radio programs, television series, community events, and original presentations.


You Tube: "RareGem Productions" Channel




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Leadership Team

OneRareGem is led by RareGem Productions Creator, CEO and Executive Producer Jade Harrell. Jade Harrell is the charismatic creator and executive producer of RareGem Productions, a media production and promotion company located in St. Louis. Named "Positivity’s Greatest Promoter" by "Who's Who Publishing," Jade’s voice reverberates globally through multiple platforms of strictly positive programming.

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Creative Team

OneRareGem is developed, designed and directed by a full-service creative team. The expertise of graphic design, IT, project management, marketing and promotion come together in cooperation of offices from Logo Graphics DNA, 

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Strategic Partners

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." - Andrew Carnegie.  RareGem Productions acheives greatness through the collaborations with great partners.

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RareGem Production Services

RareGem Productions helps people, organizations and businesses communicate their positive message to diverse audiences.  We bring your vision to life from concept to completion. From thin-air to the airwaves. Offering new ways to share ideas and contributions with the world.

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