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Creative Team

on Tuesday, 04 March 2014.

The OneRareGem  Broadcast Network comes together utilizing the talent and services of a dynamic and diverse creative team.

Jade 150px


Executive Producer/ Creative Director

JADE HARRELL with 30 yrs formal media and production experience. Founder and creative director. Seasoned on-air host and producer.

Shoe 150px

Multi-Media/Audio Producer

BILL “SHOE” SMITH: 2001 St. Louis AIR Awards “Production/Creative Services Director of the Year”. Experienced digital editing. Daily audio content creator broadcast nationally and worldwide.

PhilCrawford 150px

Videographer/ Video Production

PHIL CRAWFORD photo, video, and audio capture, editor and production. Certified vocational arts teacher of Computer Arts Studio I and II and Video Broadcasting

Mitch 150px  

Online Marketing Coordinator

MITCH “MITCHELL” SCHEPERLE with experience managing and updating multiple websites; promoting web content via social media, and creating client advertisements. Design emphasis.


Marketing Advisor

KEVIN BRYANT Founder and CEO of Conversions Global Marketing, LLC. Oversees creative direction, managing and authorizing budgets, business agreements, and bidding.

IT Consultant/  Programmer

Linnell Gorden, Jr. is President of Daedelin CBJ, Incorporated providing IT consulting, process, programming and technology services.



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