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Alive and Well STL Ambassadors in Healthcare

on Saturday, 27 May 2017. Posted in Alive and Well St. Louis, Recently Added


Person-centered care is a shift in the way of thinking and doing things in healthcare that sees the patients as partners to make sure the services meet their needs. Add in a trauma-informed and trained staff and the possibilities are outstanding.


Dr. Caroline Day brings respect and consideration to each of her patients in family medicine. The "Alive and Well STL" message provided the piece of the puzzle that was missing from sustainable results and care with her patients. She became an ambassador and found it to be as rewarding to her as it was for those who benefited from the application of the training.


Veronica Richardson is at the senior level of administration as the Vice President of Quality Improvement with Affinia Healthcare. She not only discovered the "Alive and Well STL" Ambassadors training was essential for improving the communication and relationship between staff and patients; but it also improved the well-being of their staff in their personal and professional lives. Veronica came to healthcare early on as a child and was taught that community care is what truly makes us all Alive and Well!!!


Learn more about Dr. Day and Family Care Health Centers at http://www.fchcstl.org

For more about Affinia Healthcare visit http://affiniahealthcare.org

For Alive and Well STL visit www.aliveandwellstl.org

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