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AWSTL Ambassadors in the Classroom

on Saturday, 25 February 2017. Posted in Alive and Well St. Louis, Recently Added


As occupational therapists, Denise and Carrie have years of formal training and experience with children and trauma. They signed on to be ambassadors with Alive and Well STL and found that the training not only complimented their existing body of knowledge but positively impacts their work in the classroom--with students, teachers as well as parents. What they discovered along the way was the positive impact the AWSTL training and community had on their personal lives as well. Inside this episode of Alive and Well STL we meet these dynamic ladies who's hearts and passion is to make our region's children and families healthier. Log on to www.aliveandwellstl.com for ways you can connect and tools to help you address your stress.


Also in this episode:


  • learn ways to address your own personal tragedies and responses
  • how to give more of our best selves to our children and those we care for
  • what tools we have available to make a difference with what we have
  • why we should sign up for AWSTL training whether or not we plan to be ambassadors
  • what hope is ideal as well as practical to build a healthier St. Louis

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