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Law Enforcement, Intervention and Compassion

on Wednesday, 22 July 2015. Posted in Alive and Well St. Louis, Recently Added


Producer Jade Harrell (sitting in for Bethany Johnson-Javois) with Pat McGonigle, anchor for KSDK Channel 5 and Sergeant Sally Panzer from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Through their work, as well as their life experiences, they have a unique perspective on what our region needs to become Alive and Well.


Mr. McGonigle and Sgt. Panzer were brought together at the McAtee Awards, of which Mr. McGonigle was the host. These awards, given by Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri, honor law enforcement officers whose compassion and dedication make a significant difference in the lives of persons living with mental illness.


Sgt. Panzer was honored twice this year for two separate situations with individuals experiencing a mental health crisis, both of which had positive outcomes. She clearly has a proven track record of success -- as an officer -- of helping people living with mental illness get connected to care they need to become well.


As host for the second year of the Mental Health America McAtee Awards, Mr. McGonigle has become a champion for officers who help facilitate positive outcomes for families and individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. Mr. McGonigle has seen first-hand the difference a well-trained, compassionate officer can have in the life of a family member of someone living with mental illness.

Surprised to hear a police officer and a television news anchor talking about mental illness? Discover how the two worlds became involved in this topic.




  • Sgt. Panzer's role as a law enforcement officer when responding to someone in a mental health crisis.
  • Share Mr. McGonigle's story about having law enforcement responding to calls in his home.
  • The impact that the officers made when interacting with his family member living with a mental illness.
  • How we as a community can support the ability of law enforcement to respond effectively to people with mental illness.
  • Pat's recommendation to families who may be going through this difficult time.
  • Why having a family member living with a mental illness can be difficult without having a support system in place.
  • Sgt. Panzer's suggestions for us who may find ourselves in a situation with a family member in crisis and the police become involved.
  • Thank you everyone for joining us for another episode of Alive and Well STL. We look forward to speaking with you next week.
  • For more information about Alive and Well STL follow us on Twitter @aliveandwellstl or visit us online at aliveandwellstl.com.


We’ll be back next week. Thanks for listening!

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