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ETHINKSTL-023 - New Realities – Virtual, Augmented and Mixed

on Thursday, 23 February 2017. Posted in Entrepreneurially Thinking, Recently Added, Spotlight


If you look under the hood of startup action in the “information technology” space, some of what you find is the IoT, blockchain (think Bitcoin), Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Augmented Realty and Virtual Reality. This is where action and innovation is taking place across dozens of industries. This is a trend you need to pay attention to. Welcome to the infinite and imaginative world where the power of technology is interwoven with the human experience.


Christy and Cheryl recently visited with Nathan Pettyjohn CEO of Aisle411 and founder of the VR/AR Association. St. Louis is the world HQ for the VR/AR Association – a global industry group for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality, connecting leading solution providers with brands & customers. This technology is already radically changing education, medicine, commerce and might result in a new opportunity. The conversation includes Aisle411's startup story, as well as the cultural impact of disruptive technologies that are redefining what we define as the "real world." It is what will change the world for you as an entrepreneur, subject matter expert, mentor as well as an employee.


In this episode:


  • How virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality are light years beyond just gaming.
  • How VR, AR and MR are defined and how they impact industries and opportunities.
  • What is the VR/AR association and what are the key benefits to membership?
  • Scared to talk about your ideas? Hear why you don’t need to keep your idea completely to yourself and the reason why you don’t need to worry about somebody else“ stealing” your idea.
  • How “It’s all about the execution”.
  • The two key indicators of interest to investors.
  • Why you can take heart and not get frustrated about raising money.
  • What you must look for and consider when selecting board members and funders.
  • What is the conversation, opportunity and future revenue potential of the VR/AR industry?


Learn more and visit www.thevrara.com

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