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Calling ALL Natural Bridge Rd Residents

on Wednesday, 06 May 2015. Posted in Going Beyond, Recently Added


ATTN: Residents all along Natural Bridge Road from 170 to Jennings Station Road! Get excited about the potential of what your community can have.


The 24:1 Communities want to know what you want.
What kinds of business would you like to see?
What improvements are needed?
Would you like an urgent care facility, grocery store, dine-in restaurant or entertainment center?


Use your voice, share your input and roll-up your sleeves for the good of this region.


Chris with Lillian Eunice, City Manager with the City of Northwoods.


Community Meeting on Saturday, May 9th, 2015
Lucas Crossing Elementary School
3855 Lucas and Hunt Road, St. Louis County, Missouri 63121
9:30 am registration
10:00 am - Noon meeting


- Light breakfast
- Digital survey and real-time input, responses and feedback
- Planning
- Important resident concerns and ideas

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