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on Wednesday, 03 June 2015. Posted in Going Beyond, Recently Added


Today we talk about the institution that is preparing young people for things bigger than themselves. From civic engagement to public engagement, student activism and community service, Washington University bursts the university "bubble" for dynamic students.


Chris Krehmeyer with Bret Gustafson, professor of Anthropology and recent graduate, Rueben Riggs.


In this episode discover:


How professor Gustafson challenges students to think beyond their classroom and comfort to ask "why am I here?".


How he takes students out to see all of what St. Louis is like in all its complexity.


Ways he compels students to question themselves, the institution and their roles and to think critically.


How Rueben's perspective changed from his small town origins to becoming an organizer to create systemic change and to really shape what our communities look like.


Rueben's discovery of OBS (the Organization for Black Struggle) and his first hand experience and impact of the death of Mike Brown and unfolding events Ferguson.

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