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In Your Business: Resilience Faith Power of Koran Bolden

on Friday, 03 April 2015. Posted in Recently Added, In Your Business


At just 32, Koran Bolden (koranbolden.com) has experienced tremendous success. The award-winning motivational speaker, author (Rock, Paper, Scissors), and successful entrepreneur has connected with thousands nationally, and partnered with large corporations like BET, Banana Republic, Gap and PBS. St. Louis County has even declared March 21 Koran Bolden Day.


Koran has also experienced low moments - going from a six-figure record deal to earning $7 an hour and almost losing his business.  


In this segment of "In Your Business," Koran discusses how resilience, faith, and powerful declarations took him from trials to triumph.


This is one interview you don't want to miss.

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