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In Your Business: Sleeve a Message with David Dresner

on Monday, 19 January 2015. Posted in Recently Added, In Your Business


This segment of “In Your Business” Raegan features David Dresner, founder and chief publisher of Sleeve a Message—a company that produces custom, sustainable coffee sleeves, beverage sleeves and café supplies.


David launched Sleeve a Message at just 22 years old!!


Within its first year, the company had more than 100 clients and several employees. Four years later, he and his business show no signs of slowing down with 600 clients and a business model focused on expansion.


In this episode:
Learn David’s unique business strategy and how he literally -started from the bottom, the advice he has for budding entrepreneurs, and what’s next for Sleeve a Message.


If you are interested in starting a business, looking to expand your current operations or just want to be inspired, don’t miss this episode of “In Your Business.”



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