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7 Secrets for Getting that Hot New Job in 2017

on Saturday, 21 January 2017. Posted in Job Seeker Weekly, Recently Added

Emma Bullen, Manager, Writer & Editor

Clarify what you want from life

Feel like you're spinning your wheels, but not getting what you want? Or are you focused on material things, but still feeling empty? Getting caught up on the wrong details can lead you away from what's meaningful in life. So, before you go chasing the next big opportunity, take time to set the right goals and you'll create a bigger impact.

Get creative with your resume

Now that you know exactly what you're looking for from your career, use your resume as your marketing document. Stand out from the crowd with some creative tactics from infographics to a video of your work experience that highlights your talents and creates a memorable impression. If you need help revised or updating your current resume, consider hiring a professional resume writer to help you stand out among the competition.

Successfully market yourself

Your digital resume is just part of your personal brand. What about your website? There are many options out there for anyone (regardless of technical abilities) to get their own site up and running. If you don't have time, or the skill set, go the free route and provide your future employers with a robust picture of who you are.

Survive the bad interview blues

Interviews are stressful at the best of times. Besides finding the perfect outfit to simultaneously convey confidence and humility, there's the mental preparation for infinite interview questions and scenarios.

Learn how to get your interviewer off script. Rather than play along with the same old boring dialogue, you can disrupt the interview early on by asking an important question about the role. Flipping the typical scenario on its head allows you to learn more about what the manager really needs.

Land your dream job with no experience

Know exactly what you want, but don't know how to get there? Don't worry, you don't need to stay in a dead-end job forever. The single biggest favor you can do yourself is to simply go for it and never give up. Put a strategy in place to find a mentor, learn how to cultivate your skill set, and tailor your accomplishments to complement the job you've been hired for.

Include your boss in your career plans

Now you've landed a great role within a company you love, start planning for the future. Your success will be defined by your ability to manage the objectives of your role, but your long-term happiness will be influenced by your development and growth. Start planning for career happiness with a thoughtful career development plan -- and include your manager in helping you action it.

Make friends at work

So you've got your dream job, a future career plan what's missing? That's easy -- you need some friends. Experts say making friends at work not only increases work satisfaction, but it also increases your chance of success. It's time to stop trying to keep our work life and our personal life separate and learn to embrace office friendships.

Emma Bullen, writer and editor, began her career at the age of 8 with a self-published book entitled "How the Vulture Became Bald." Since then, she has worked with companies including the BBC, The Guardian, Virgin Media and The Walt Disney Company. Emma has written content for award-winning children's brands both online and in print, as well as features for an older audience on topics such as food and drink, creativity, health and wellness, travel, and music. Learn more about Emma at her website.

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