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Ambassadors of Alive and Well STL 1 of 4

on Thursday, 12 February 2015. Posted in Alive and Well St. Louis, Let's Get It! Together, Recently Added


Today we expand the conversation of "Alive and Well STL" and open the doors to YOU! You are invited to the table to become an AMBASSADOR and engage in the next steps of this imperative initiative.


Join in for the sake of the future of our community.


Bethany is on location for the first Alive and Well STL Ambassador Open House!


You are invited to this conversation and in this episode discover:

  • the future state of our trauma-informed community
  • the Alive and Well Ambassador role
  • tools to begin sharing information with family, friends and colleagues about how they can become Alive and Well
  • input of other ambassadors in response to sample scenarios presented in the open house
  • a call for YOUR input with example situations including, "How to Respond in the Case of A Troubled Middle School Student"
  • exciting information about new Alive and Well partnership opportunities


Join the Conversation Today!

You can listen to the latest radio shows in their entirety and hear short clips on our new Alive and Well STL YouTube channel.


To stay up to date on Alive and Well STL and to share information with Alive and Well Ambassadors, download the Bonfyre app on your smart phone and follow these easy steps to join the conversation!

1. Download Bonfyre from the App Store or Google Play Store
2. Sign up for a new account or sign in to your existing account
3. Click the “+” in the bottom right corner
4. Select “Find or Join”
5. Type in “Alive and Well” and join


See you next week!

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