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Hope In Spite of Homicide: Larry Bastain

on Thursday, 04 December 2014. Posted in Let's Get It! Together, Recently Added


Alive and Well STL concludes a visit to the grief meeting for families who loved ones were murdered to a perspective of hope. Larry Bastain lost his nephew to a brutal homicide yet remains hopeful through the hurt and trauma his family is facing.


Bethany hears an encouraging paradigm of optimism and love from this proud man of dynamic heritage.


In this incredible episode:

Hear why retaliation, though he considered it, was not an option.

How his instinct as a man lead him to a greater response.

Experience his strength and sensitivity in his powerful testimony.

Listen and discover how forgiveness can be not only freeing, but also an integral part of healing.

The weekly grief meetings are held each Wednesday evening at Demetrious Johnson Charitable Foundation.


Visit www.djgivesback.com

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