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on Saturday, 08 November 2014. Posted in Let's Get It! Together


"Every ordinary idea can become Extraordinary on Purpose!" - Rachel Renata


We all have an ordinary beginning at birth. We all have a plan and a purpose for our life. It is when we discover our purpose and partner it with our faith and ordinary life do we find ourselves living Extraordinary on Purpose!!! Nothing will ever just happen to any of us.


We have to do our part. It starts with you believing in yourself!! Trusting the gifts God has placed inside of you. We have to build our skills, build healthy relationships and be willing to allow others to pour into us.


Life will guide you wherever you are willing to follow or you can take life where you want to go. It is up to you!!


Let’s stop waiting and living with a negative attitude about what has a happen to us in the past. We must start living according to the divine plan. It is that plan that will allow us to discover our purpose!!


This episode is the first conversation of Rachel Renata with RareGem CEO and Executive Producer, Jade Harrell. Listen and embrace how the act of getting started and living in her purpose has had an impact on her life.


Discover how her ordinary idea of wanting to help her community has impacted the lives of the less fortunate and those who volunteer with the organization.


In this episode you’ll discover:
•Who is Rachel Renata?
•Rachel Renata’s story and incredible journey.
•What does it means to be ordinary?
•How to live within your purpose and why you should simply “start”?
•What to do while you wait?
•What happens AFTER starting to live on purpose?

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