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Love Your Heart

on Monday, 03 November 2014. Posted in Let's Get It! Together


Bethany shares the love with Dr. Angela Brown, Hypertension Specialist at Washington University, and Brenda Mahr, CEO of Employment Connection to talk about heart diseases and how important it is for your wellbeing to know your family medical history and your own medical status.


The Regional Health Commission’s Decade Review of Health Status Report shows that heart disease mortality has fallen by 29% across the region but that despite this positive trend about a third of St. Louis City residents are living with hypertension and/or high cholesterol.


Listen-in to hear Dr. Brown’s tips for staying healthy and above the statistics:
• Know your numbers (cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.) and family history
• Walk when and where you can
• Stop eating so much salt (it only takes 21 days of eating less salt until you won’t miss it anymore!)


Brenda joins Bethany and Dr. Brown to remind us that people aren’t statistics. Listen to Brenda’s own story about how her family has been affected by a genetic heart disease and her reminder to the listeners that part of loving your family is sharing your family medical history so you can stay informed and healthy.


Thank you for joining us for another episode of Alive and Well STL! Talk to your family and Doctor TODAY about your family history and current health status and stay alive and well!

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