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The Trauma of Trauma

on Monday, 03 November 2014. Posted in Let's Get It! Together


What is “trauma?” What does it mean to be traumatized? What are the long-term consequences for individuals and communities who are affected by trauma?


Tune-in as Bethany is joined by Joe Yancey, Executive Director of Places for People, and Suzanne LeLaurin, Senior Vice President of Program at the International Institute, to answer these questions and more.


For Joe, Suzanne, and many of the listeners we have heard from agree that being Alive and Well in St. Louis means being both emotionally and physically healthy.


“Trauma,” which Joe define as experiencing or witnessing an event that compromises an individual’s sense of safety and wellbeing, is a major mental and emotional health issue in our region. Trauma is very difficult to recognize and identify and while the issue is gaining increasing attention from the medical community, there are pockets in our community that have normalized trauma and traumatic experiences.


Join Joe, Suzanne, and Bethany as they discuss the steps we are taking, and need to start taking, as a region to create trauma-informed and supportive communities. Together we can build a stronger St. Louis.

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