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on Saturday, 08 November 2014. Posted in Let's Get It! Together


“When pain affects purpose” offers you an understanding of how your pain can alter and delay your purpose.


I offer you three (3) steps you can use to continue moving forward and how to press through in spite of the pain.


What is pain? Pain is anything that causes you disappointment, hurt, or sadness.


When we can’t move forward, we can't be in position to operate in our purpose and we delay our purpose.


Pain can affect your purpose in 3 ways:

1) Pain can Hinder
2) Pain will Distract
3) Pain may Limit


This episode of Extraordinary on Purpose with Rachel Renata will offer you:

o A path to understanding your purpose

o A working definition of “pain”

o How to create a plan to release pain

o Understanding that pain hurts your purpose o Create a meditation space

o An introduction of meditation to help with pain

o Solutions for learning to communicate beyond the pain with God

o How to use pain for your good.


Remember, every ordinary idea…every ordinary person…can be Extraordinary on Purpose!!!

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