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3LJ Lifestyle Network

Welcome to the 1RG Lifestyle Network, "3LJ Lifestyle". 3LJ is the acronym for, "Living and Loving Life's Journey". Here you'll find what you need for nearly every area of your life to live it in grand style and to the fullest!


Visit the "3LJ Lifestyle" Network often for the latest episodes and get advice, tools, and ideas that help you custom design your life according to your personal style.


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"RareGem Productions, Proudly Presenting the Positive"



Let's Get It! Together (LGi2)

A weekly "life-classroom".  This classroom is all about knowledge. And knowledge is power!!  The ideas is that, Yes! We have much to do to "get it together", but we do not achieve this alone.  We arrive and "get it" together! Guests and visiting instructors come into the classroom and you have a front row seat to expert instruction, information and access.

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shawn with shirt

The Stevenson Secrets

"The Stevenson Secrets" are important tips to help you become the strongest, healthiest, happiest version of yourself with fitness and nutrition expert, Shawn Stevenson.

These one-minute vignettes are packed full of tools for your day-to-day and long-term success toward optimum health and wellness to realize your greatest potential.

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Mister Harrell150

A Man's Response

An in-depth round table conversation among men of wide-ranging backgrounds discussing various topics centered around the male perspective and life’s encounters. Dialogue with the fellas brings hope, enlightenment and ideas for problem resolution.

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Renovation Conversation

A refreshing new talk radio show that helps you make sense of your most daunting home remodeling projects. Being called “funny, witty and insightful…” the dynamic, designing duo of Marc and Dana share tips and tricks to renew tired living spaces and transform how you live in your home. 

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The Mixologist

Creative culinary class takes the art of cooking to new heights. Discover your artistic ability from the kitchen to the table with the Mixologist. From breakfast adventures with eggs, fish, chicken, breads and more to killer lunch soup, salads and sandwiches, to 5 star easy to make dinners and late night snacks that’ll put you on your back without making you fat, The Mixologist is blending food and drink to stun your senses.

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Job Seeker Weekly

You want the latest, you demand the best. Shouldn't you be able to get it? It's a new and changing world, and every week, Job Seeker Weekly keeps you up-to-date with the latest news, the best advice, and the most cutting-edge job-seeking tools available.

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