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Welcome to the 1RG Entertainment Network, "Innergagement", designed to be more than mindless entertainment. Programming features original series, independent film and documentaries, music, the arts and events.


Visit the 1RG Innergagement Channel often for the latest episodes, special screenings and exclusive content.


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RareGem Productions, Proudly Presenting the Positive



Everywhere with Gia'na Garel

"Everywhere with Giana Garel"is a radio show that builds cultural tolerance by introducing a variety people, places and lifestyles from everywhere around the globe. From the Aborigines to the Zulu Nation... from new fringe groups to ancient subcultures- amazing tales are everywhere.

Tune in for a dose of something rare from Everywhere... with Gia'na Garel"

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The Original DJ G. Wiz

Legend in radio and master of the mix. The Original DJ G. Wiz is the hip-hop historian with the golden needle.  G. Wiz is the creator of the video mix. Still bumping the airwaves, "The Grand Wizard" is on 1RG.

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R&B With a Touch of Jazz

An informative and entertaining music video show produced under the direction of Betty Randall.  This video show highlights Old School videos that mature viewers loved before and still enjoy. The show consists of R&B, Hip-Hop  with an R&B vibe, and a touch of Jazz.  Local as well as National artists are interviewed. RBJazz is hosted by Doll, who has been hosting since 2005.

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Raregem Radio 150  

RareGem Radio

Tune in and enjoy positive programming 24hrs a day. A full line-up from sun rise to sunset and back again to keep you in a positive space.  If an apple a day can keep the doctor away; imagine what a daily dose of POSITIVITY can do. Listen LIVE each day, all day from everywhere you go. There's an app for that!!!! 

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RareGem Cinema

Get your ticket and choice seating for RareGem Original Series, feature Independent Films and Documentaries for viewing pleasure.  Sign up for exclusive screenings. Become a member and participate in free events, community discussions and expert panel forums.

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