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#Wade440 – The Brave

on Saturday, 30 July 2016. Posted in The Wade-O Radio Show, Recently Added



Christian Hip Hop Podcast:


Radio Air Dates: 7/15/16 – 7/21/16


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Welcome to the all new Wade-O Radio Show, where each week we give you the latest and greatest Christian Hip Hop Music, News & Culture plus interviews with all your favorite artists.


My brother Fedel calls in to discuss his new EP The Brave as well the wave of police brutality cases and strained race relations in our country.


Plus, we’ve got new music from JSon, Kishon Furlow and Derek Minor, a classic from Mary Mary and the 10 Hottest Joints out right now!



Hour #1


Wade’s World Wide Top 10: The 10 Hottest Joints Out Right Now


    #10: “Why So Serious” – Da’ T.R.U.T.H. feat. KB
    #9: “What You Get” – Brvndon P feat. Lecrae


New Joint of the Week: “Free the South” – Ki’shon Furlow


    #8: “Throne” – Swift & Eshon Burgundy.
    #7: “Civil” – Json feat. Kishon Furlow

    #6: “Jesus or Nah” – Qheem the Redeemed


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News that Matters w/ Sketch the Journalist


    #5: “Y.O.L.O” – Sevin feat. Datin
    #4: “Bananas” – Uncle Reece

    #3: “So Good” – Viktory & Erica Campbell
    #2: “Before I Choose You” – Eshon Burgundy feat. Parade


Wade’s Way Back Track: “God In Me Unofficial Remix” – Mary Mary feat. Japhia Life


#1: “Misconception” – Da’ T.R.U.T.H


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Hour #2


    “Oh Lord” – NF


Interview w/ Fedel Pt 1


    “Lit” – Fedel
    “Hallelujah All Day” – Datin
    “Free” – Derek Minor


Interview w/ Fedel Pt 2


    “On a Wave” – Fedel


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News that Matters w/ Sketch the Journalist


    “Amen” – Izze

    “Stop Me” – Christon Gray
    “Whole 9” – Flame & MikeReal
    “I Love You So Much” – V Rose feat. Trip Lee


Spoken Word Piece of the Week: “Single Forever” – Jamaica West


    “Welcome to America” – Lecrae


Hour #3


In The Lab w/ DJ Wade-O


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News that Matters w/ Sketch the Journalist


The Thought of the Week


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